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About the Place:  B.R.Hills

B.R.Hills is located in Yelandur Taluk of Chamarajanagar District in the state of Karnataka in South India. The exact location is 11°58'N 77°08'E on a range of hills known as the Biligiri Rangan Temple (BRT) Range, at an altitude of 4,500 ft above mean sea level.

B.R.Hills is named after the deity BILIGIRI RANGA � whose 600-year-old temple is the main attraction for thousands of pilgrims in the district. This is a small hamlet surrounded by dense forest, and a population of some 600 people, a majority of whom are tribals belonging to the SOLIGA tribe. It is said that SOLIGA means "people of the bamboo" as once upon a time this was a bamboo-forest, but now it is deciduous.

The forest was the home of the tribals who were leading a nomadic life in the olden days, but the Forest & Wildlife policies introduced in the early seventies has resulted in their being rehabilitated in permanent settlements known as �podus�, and forced to discontinue their age old practices of shifting cultivation, harvesting forest produce like tubers and roots, and hunting. There are some 75 such podus around B.R.Hills with a total tribal population of about 5,000.

Two religious festivals known as "Jatras" are celebrated annually � one in January and one in April, when more than ten thousand pilgrims assemble in B.R.Hills. Throughout the year, hundreds of pilgrims from all over the state travel to B.R.Hills to visit the temple and obtain the Lord�s blessings.

The forest surrounding B R Hills extending to an area of 35,000 acres and the wildlife includes Elephants, Gaurs (Indian Bison), Tigers, Leopards (Panthers), Bears, Spotted Deer, Sambar, and a variety of smaller game. The Government of Karnataka has set up a Wildlife Resort in K-Gudi, about 25 kms South of here, in the forest. The forest is now declared as a TIGER RESERVE

B.R.Hills is really a beautiful location!



About Watapi

WATAPI is a small estate, 100% organic (certified) and the main crop is Coffee (Arabica) with Pepper as an intercrop. The Estate covering a total area of 20 acres was started in 1992 on virgin land, and a total of 10 acres have been developed.

In addition to being 100% organic, the coffee is SHADE GROWN.

Silver Oak Grevillea Robusta) trees are used for shade, providing a canopy like that of a tropical forest. The tree branches shelter the coffee plants from the sun, at the same time, providing critical habitat for migratory birds, insects and mammals. At the same time, the biomass contributes to the fertility of the land.

We realize that Shade Grown Coffee is one of the important reservoirs of biodiversity.In addition to silver oak, there are hundreds of other trees like Teak, Jack, Rosewood, Champak, Orange, Ficus, Avocado, Cashew, Honne, Matthi, etc. growing on the estate. COFFEE and PEPPER have started yielding from 1999 in small quantities.

We carry out the processing or curing of Coffee on the estate itself using the WET-PROCESS to obtain PARCHMENT COFFEE or WASHED COFFEE which is then polished or de-husked to obtain PLANTATION coffee beans ready for roasting.

What we can offer is PLANTATION BULK, ungraded coffee.

Only FARMYARD MANURE available locally is used. Weeding is done manually and the mowed weeds left on the land for composting. In addition, the coffee-berry pulp is composted and used as manure.

Pesticides, Weedicides, or chemical fertilizers have not been used at any stage and so far there have been no instances of diseases or insect/pest attacks.




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